As an ISO certified precision grinding shop, we have the qualifications needed to handle your order.


Known for our consistent quality, we offer precision service, precision grinding, and precision honing to customers across the country. We’ve been achieving excellence for decades, and the results speak for themselves with clients returning to do business with us again and again.

Precision Grinding, Honing Equipment List:

  • 1 Freeport Surface Grinder: 6”x18”, High Column, Coolant.
  • 1 Brown & Sharp Surface Grinder: 5”x10”
  • 1 Cincinnati Milacron: Monoset
  • 1 Scripta Single Lip Cutter Grinder
  • 1 Tru Point Drill Grinder: 1/16-47/64
  • 2 SRD Drill Grinder: 1/16”–13/16”
  • 2 Accufinish: Diamond & Ceramic Wheels
  • 1 Sunnen Hone MBB-1660: .060-6.5” Capacity

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