With an expansive list of high-end equipment and decades of experience, our metal saw cutting services offer a precision that can’t be beat by competitors. It’s this precision as well as our vast portfolio of precision services that keeps companies coming back to us.

Sawing Equipment List:

See the advanced tools behind our unique process.

  • 1 Amada HFA250 Horizontal: 9” x 16”, Fully automatic
  • 1 Do All C916 Horizontal: 9” x 16”
  • 1 Do All 2013-2 Vertical: 12”x20”, Air Feed Table, Blade Welder
  • 1 Do All 2012-1A vertical: 12” x 20”
  • 1 Soco MC-350N/FA Cold Cut-Off Saw: Automatic, Non-Ferrous Metals Only, 3” Dia. Solids, 4.75 Dia Tubing.
  • 1 Safety Speed H-5 Panel Saw: 1 ¾” x 64” Sheet Capacity

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