With a wide range of equipment and decades of experience, we have the metal finishing services known for their quality and precision. Whether you’re looking to finish metal or composite material, you’ve come to the right place.

Finishing Capabilities

Unity Tool (DBA Unity Precision Manufacturing) has the ability to complete many finishing processes in house.

For those finishing processes that we don’t currently have in-house, we partner with a trusted group of suppliers who perform tumbling, assorted plating, and laser welding services, among others, to help get your job done.

Unity Precision Manufacturing has heat treating, hardness testing, and passivation as validated processes.

Finishing Equipment

Laser Marking Equipment List:

  • 1 Trumpf TruMark: Model TruMark 5020 with TruMark Station 5000: 1062nm Fiber Laser, Rotary Axis, 4.7 “square marking field, .0026” Spot size, 14.1” Working height

Sanding and Grinding Equipment List:

  • 1 Timesavers 648 Deburring/Finishing Machine: 6” wide x 4” High
  • 2 Baldor #500 Double End Carbide Tool Grinder
  • 1 Powermatic 30-B Sander: 6” Belt, 12” Disc
  • 2 Burr King Sander/Buffer, belt or wheel: Model 750
  • 2 Burr King Sander/Buffer, Two Wheels: Model 1000
  • 1 Airflow Systems, Inc. Down Draft Table: Model DT-1700-BI
  • 1 Rockwell 31-710 Disc Sander: 12″ Disc
  • 1 Burr King Burr Mate Belt Sander: ½” Belt Width

Finishing Equipment List:

  • 3 Trinco Dry Blast Model 36/BP2 w/Dust Collector: 24×36
  • 1 Empire Blaster: 26″x36″
  • 1 Comco Micro Blaster: MB1000
  • 1 Raytec Model AV-20: Vibratory Bowl Tumbler
  • 1 Ultra Matic VB3.5: Vibratory Bowl Tumbler
  • 1 B.V. Products Group BV3B: Vibratory Bowl Tumbler
  • 1 Vibrodyne Tumbler: 1 cubic foot
  • 2 Overbeck Machine-Twister Speed Lathe: 5C Collet LT-1B

Heat Treat Oven Equipment List:

  • 1 TPS Blue M Oven: Model CW-6680-F-MP550, Max Temp 1300 Deg F, 4.2 Cubic Feet, Programmable cycle, Charting
  • 1 Blue M Oven: Model OV-490A-2, 100-500 Deg F

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