Unity Tool (DBA Unity Precision Manufacturing) uses highly sophisticated inspection technology to ensure quality is always at the core of our work.

Our motorized CMM features rotating and articulating probes, allowing inspection at all angles. Our touch-trigger probes measure discrete points, while the scanning capabilities acquire hundreds of surface points per second. Automated probe-tip changing systems also save time and money.

Our advanced Vision system renders measurements using its high-tech camera, and creates SPC (Statistical Process Control) graphing for extremely accurate results.

Inspection Equipment Listing:

  • 1 Brown & Sharp Global Classic 575 Coordinate Measuring Machine: X-19.69” (500mm), Y-27.56” (700mm), Z-19.69” (500mm) Scanning probe with motorized head. Auto probe changing. PCDIMIS and QC Calc for SPC output.
  • 1 Keyence IM-6225: Image measuring system
  • 1 OGP Smartscope Flash 200 Automated Video Measuring System: Vision or touch probe, X-8”, Y-8”, Z-6” travel, QC Calc for SPC output
  • 1 Numerex 1312-10” Mini Ver.II” Coordinate Measuring Machine: Travel X-12”, Y-13”, Z-10”, Renishaw touch Probe, Unit-touch and Uni-measure software.
  • 1 Mitutoyo SJ400 Profilometer w/stand
  • 1 Mitutoyo LSM503H Laser Micrometer: Measuring range .012-1.18”.
  • 1 Baty Gage Master 16” Optical Comparator: With Edge Sensing, surface illumination, Travel- X-10”, Y-14”, Quadra Check 2000 D.R.O, 10x and 25x lens
  • 1 Baty Gage Master 30” Optical Comparator: Model 99, Surface illumination, Travel- X-10”, Y-14”, D.R.O, 10x, 25x and 50x lens
  • 1 Scherr Tumico 14” Optical Comparator: Model 20-3500, Surface Illumination, Travel-X-7”, Y-4”, Quadra Check 2000 D.R.O., 10x and 20x lens.
  • 1 Deltronic 14” Optical Comparator: Model DH14-MPC, Surface Illumination, Travel- X-7.5”, Y-4”. D.R.O, 10x, 20x and 50x lens
  • 1 Deltronic 14” Optical Comparator: Model 29, Surface illumination, Travel- X-7”, Y-4”. 10x and 20x lens
  • 1 Parlec TMM 1550: Tool presetter
  • 8 Fowler Trimos Vertical 3: Model TVA-600, 24” Capability, w/Squarness Checking and Printer
  • 1 60”x96” Surface Plate: Grade A (Inspection)
  • 1 22”x96” Surface Plate: Grade A (Inspection)
  • 1 48”x67” Surface Plate: Grade A (Inspection)
  • 1 33”x44” Surface Plate: Grade A (Inspection)
  • 1 12”x18”x3” Surface Plate: Grade B (Tool Room)
  • 1 8”x12”x2 1/2” Surface Plate: Grade B (Tool Room)
  • 1 Starrett Digi-Check Height Master: 1 – 12” Riser Block for Height Gage
  • 1 – 12” Riser Block for Height Gage
  • 1 Optical Flat and Polarized Light
  • 1 Mitutoyo Ultra-Center Height Gage
  • 8 Variable Power Microscopes
  • 3 Federal Maxum Amplifier Head Bore Gage: Set to 10” Capacity
  • 2 Federal Set Master’s
  • 1 Set Mitutoyo Analog Bore Gages: .100” – 4” Capacity
  • 3 Set Starrett Split Ball Bore Gages: .107”-1.5” Capacity
  • 1 0-6” Slocomb Micrometer Set
  • 1 0-12” Mitutoyo Micrometer Set
  • 1 24” Carbon Fiber Mitutoyo Digital Caliper
  • 1 60” Carbon Fiber Mitutoyo Digital Caliper
  • Variable gauging: OD Mics, Groove Mics, Thread Mics, Disc Mics, Indicator Mics, Blade Mics., Pin Mics, Depth Mics, Indicators, Bases, Stands, and Vernier Calipers.
  • Hard Gauging: Thread Plugs, Thread Rings, Ring Master’s, 0”-12” set masters, .011-1.000” Gage Pins, V-Blocks, Angle Plates, Precision Riser Blocks.

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