For decades, we’ve offered manufacturers and companies across the nation precision manufacturing. This includes our CNC lathe services and our lathe turning services. Receive the precision machining you seek today, give our team a call.

Lathe Machines

Our portfolio of lathes is extensive, allowing us to offer the versatility necessary for your part or product.  Explore our listing of equipment and see for yourself.

Engine Lathes

  • 1 Polamco TUG40: 18” Dia. X84”, 26” Dia. In Gap, 2”Dia.thru Spindle, Taper Attachment, 1,600 RPM Spindle
  • 2 Harrison AA Precision Tool room Lathe w/Digital Readout: 13” Dia. x25”, 3,000 RPM Spindle, High Speed Threading Attachment, English-Metric Treads, Taper Attachment
  • 1 South Bend 10AA: 10” Dia. x30”

Turret Lathes

  • 1 Hardinge DSM-59: 1 1/16” Dia., 3 Jaw Chuck
  • 1 Feeler FTS-27: 1 1/16” Dia., 3,500 RPM Spindle
  • 1 Warner & Swasey #3 Turret Lathe

We offer an extensive portfolio of manufacturing services and have a large inventory of equipment needed to complete your order. To check out some of our other services, browse through the list of services provided by our machine shop.