At Unity Tool (DBA Unity Precision Manufacturing), we are large enough to deliver and small enough to adapt. Our manufacturing process emphasizes customer and quality, as we check our work every step of the way and deliver the product on time and to print. We have great people who take pride in their work, which passes the quality and expertise on to the customer and the finished product. Check out some of our precision machine shop’s key capabilities to learn more.

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Precision Machine Shop Tooling


With advanced equipment and a facility built off of innovation, our precision machine shop is state of the art.


We are proud to have some of the best precision manufacturing equipment at our disposal. We take care to purchase quality machinery, which are routinely maintained so they stay in their best working order.

We also believe in continuous improvement, and keep abreast of new equipment or technology on the market. Unity is always looking for ways to offer more to our customers.


Located in the Minneapolis metro, our facility is high-tech. Apart from offering a controlled environment for making precise products, the facility has robotics to prolong our hours of operation throughout the day. Equipped with solar panels and energy-efficient lighting, the facility is not only environmentally friendly, but more self-reliant than many of our competitors, making us more resilient to sudden outages and other disruptions in power.



High Precision Machine Shop Equipment