Over the past nearly 50 years, Unity Precision Manufacturing has been working with customers from diverse industries around the world, emphasizing quality, precision, and timely delivery.

Manufacturing everything from simple parts to complex assemblies, our highly-skilled staff, quality-driven processes, and well-equipped facility are capable of bringing your project to reality.

We have years of experience producing parts of all sizes, materials, and quantities. We are committed to delivering a product that is to print, on time, every time.

Unity Tools Capabilities and Equipment


Precision manufacturing for medical industry


Unity Precision Manufacturing has served the medical market for many years and in many ways. Building Success Together speaks well to the significant strides and relationships we have built within the medical device, surgical instruments, medical instrumentation, orthopedic, and spine communities, upholding a commitment to absolute quality and traceability.

We provide full documentation/Device History Records, including Inspection Reports, Traceability Documents, and Certificates of Conformance.

Whether new customers with original plans or return customers with recurring orders, innovative medical products are our specialty.

Our quality system is driven by the following:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2003
GMP Compliant CFR820
FDA Registered: 9025123

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MEDICAL — Implants

Unity Precision Manufacturing has extensive experience manufacturing medical implants, including bone screws, for use all over the human body: spine, wrists, shoulders, hips, fingers, toes, knees and dental.

You will find that our commitment to absolute quality, quick turnaround times, and exact outcomes means we are the right choice for producing these types of medical-grade products.

Unity can take your medical implant project from prototype to product launch and production release, complete with laser marking and other finishes. We offer complete traceability of materials, including traceability documentation. And naturally we manage and verify the tight tolerances needed for medical implants, and supply the necessary inspection paperwork.

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Precision manufacturing for medical implants


Precision manufacturing for medical instruments

MEDICAL — Instruments

Unity Precision Manufacturing produces medical instruments for many customers from start-ups to world-wide manufacturers.

With our ability to manage and inspect tight tolerances, maintain traceability, and manage inventory for our customers, Unity is ready to take on your medical instrument projects: View our Case Studies to see how we can build success together ›



Your commercial project is in good hands at Unity Precision Manufacturing. We’ve worked with many varied industries over the years: photography, electronics, automotive, photo-electric, proximity switches, machine tool accessories and printing, among others.
Whether part of a larger project, prototypes, finished products, or any of the more precise elements of our daily world, we can address your specific needs.

Manufacturing for commercial & industrial customers requires not only precision and quality, but also the ability to produce in high quantities. Unity now counts several robotic automated machines among our equipment, meaning that the work on some projects does not need to stop when the sun goes down. 24/7 automated machining can make the difference in production time and on-time delivery for our customers.

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Precision manufacturing equipment


Seaplane parts manufacturing


Unity Precision Manufacturing is your Midwest provider of precision manufactured aircraft parts. We welcome partnerships with large or small aircraft companies, and will work with you to meet your needs for airplane or seaplane precision parts. Unity Precision Manufacturing offers: View our Case Studies to see how we can build success together ›