Unity offers Swiss capability up to 32mm diameter, with multi-axis and automated bar loaders, allowing work to continue after hours.

Unity’s Milling, Turning, Swiss and EDMs are all IQ and OQ qualified machines.

Turning/Swiss Equipment Listing:

• Citizen L25 Swiss w/Mitsubishi Control: 1" dia, 8,000 RPM, Main and Sub Spindle, SMW Quick 32
Hydrodynamic Bar Feed.

• Citizen C16 Swiss w/Mitsubishi Control: 5/8" dia., 8,000 RPM Main and Sub Spindle, Citizen CAV
Hydrodynamic Bar Feed.

• Citizen K16 Swiss w/Fanuc Control: 5/8" dia., 15,000 RPM, Main and Sub Spindle, Citizen CAV
Hydrodynamic Bar Feed

• Haas SL20: 8"chuck x 20" long, 10 Station Turret, 10.3" Dia. Swing, Programmable Tailstock, 2"
thru spindle, 30 HP 5,000 RPM spindle, Parts catcher, High pressure coolant, Tool presetter,
One lathe has an automatic bar feeder.

• Okuma LB-15C Big Bore w/Okuma OSP5000L-G Control: 10" Dia. Chuck x 19.6", 12 Station turret,
15" Swing, 2.50" Dia. Thru spindle, 4,200 RPM Spindle, Spindle nose A2-5.

• Mori Seiki SL-1A w/Fanuc 3TF Control: 6" Dia. Chuck x 12", 12 Station Turret, 10" Swing, 1.3" Dia.
Thru spindle, 6,000 RPM Spindle, Spindle nose A2-6.

• McClean Production Lathe, Model 1000: 1 1/16" Dia. 2000 RPM Spindle

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Unity Tool CNC Turning Equipment